Stop and Think

1 minute read

I forced myself to stop and think about what I am doing. As a Ph.D. student, it’s quite difficult to concentrate on my own work, of course, I have some tasks, well we have to send daily reports to our supervisor every day, so I must complete my daily tasks. But at the end of the day when I finish my work and start composing the daily report email, I stop and ask myself, what am I doing? What kind of an important and significant work I have done today?
This is just sad when I cannot find a piece of a significant work for my day. After my Ph.D. proposal submission, the situation started getting out of my control, 3 weeks after proposal defense I couldn’t find any important work of my own, even I have almost stopped playing CTFs just to think. I was lucky that my supervisor has sent me an interesting talk by Richard Hamming a few months ago. I decided to watch “You and your research” talk, once more. I was not actually expecting it to change my life in less than an hour, but it made me think. I realized although I have been confident in my work, I should have had a clear vision. I should change and make my vision clear, otherwise, I will be the drunken sailor.
Here I write to remember that I’m not a first-class genius, I have to work harder, and it should be permanent hard work. I am a very lucky person that had one person in my life who taught me if I want something, if I have a goal, I should plan to do the hard thing, even if it seems impossible.
So I decided to begin my journey. I have found this way my own personal way, but I know to be a great scientist and to grow an excellent oak tree from an acorn I need to adopt great scientists’ style, great thoughts, and great opinions.