Welcome Thinkpad 25

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In fact, I’ve been a perfectionist for almost all my life. I’m pretty sure that it’s not a good thing. I’m a very creative person and I love programming. But since I have started university as a CE student, I never worked as a good programmer except for a short period. The problem was, of course, I couldn’t find the best programming language!
My lovely Thinkpd 25

The same thing happened to me when I wanted to buy my first laptop. All my friends bought laptops almost when they started university, I didn’t. Yes, again I couldn’t find the best laptop. That took me almost two years to pick my first laptop. I bought a beautiful MacBook pro 13’ 2009, first I can remember I couldn’t work with it and I have installed a Windows with Bootcamp. Then I was pretty lucky that as an intern I worked with a geek and kind person, and he forced me to work with OSX itself, after few months I totally forgot Windows and never worked with it again. After 4 years, when I was a Master student, and my supervisor only worked with Windows, I bought a very beautiful Thinkpad X201, of course, I have installed a Debian Linux on it. At that time I realized Thinkpad laptops are really good, they are not as comfortable as Macbooks but they definitely are the best choice for Linux users and they will let you have the feeling that you are a good programmer! In 2 years, I have tried almost 3 Thinkpad including T430, X220, and T440s. My MacBook faced a problem in 2015, and I had to buy a new one. Well, at that time I bought the most expensive MacBook (MacBook pro 15’ with Retina Display, mid-2015). I liked it but I knew that this is not the right weapon for me.
Sometimes it’s hard to overcome perfectionism, stop thinking and choose something and start to work. Well, a very hot day in summer I talked about the rumors for the anniversary edition Thinkpad and the Retro keyboard. The man who always loves Thinkpad and yes now I have a Thinkpad 25!

My lovely Thinkpd 25

Welcome Thinkpad 25! This is the most beautiful and elegant piece of hardware I have ever seen, I did not overthink about buying it, it actually chose me! The laptop came from a long distance, surprise me and made me the happiest programmer ever.